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Well, here it is!  I actually created the comm.   To be honest, This is really the first time I'm heading up a project like this so I'm not exactly sure of what to do, so any suggustions will be welcome.  I know we need people who can do graphics for the various pages.  I'm thinking we may only need screen caps for the episodes to head each picture right now.

So if you want to join in on the fun, either as a graphic person or a finder (or both if you are so inclined) please let me know and I'll add you to the list.

hmm...what else is there to be said...Ah!  There is a website right now, I need to get the correct url, but it's through tripod.  For now I'm going to be the actual archiver but perhaps in the future we can have a team.  Anyway, I am having seperate sections for each of the programs (Stargate: The Movie, SG-1, SGA and  The two SG-1 movies so that's 5 seperate sections, though I may put the movies under SG-1).  So far there is nothing up, But I'm going to try and go through my favorites and start adding some soon.

*grin* I can definitely be a finder, as to caps that's slightly iffy depending on the episode..
Well, we need fics way before we will need caps, so thats great:)
Cool, when do I start?
Any time you want:)
Sweet, I'll start looking for some now then.
Good luck...there is a header thingie on the info page to help sort the stories out.

I should sort through my own right now, but I'm wresling with my Fireworks program so one project at time:)
Yeah, I just copied that so I can use it for the fics..

And hey, are you feeling any better?
Its a program that is supposed to help me make a navigational bar on a website with pop-up meus. Things are not going well with intergrating it into Dreamweaver, my webdesign program.

and yeah, still a little blah, but it is a dealable one.
Ah.. sounds like fun, I've got no clue how to use either of those.

Mm, that's good, as long as you're on the upswing.
Well, it's fun once you get the hang of it. The problem I'm having is I get it handled in the one program and then it won't transfer over. So I'm continuing to try. *gets determined look*

Yep. All is well:)
Hm.. You'd think they would have some sort of converter so you can use more than one program, but like I said, I've no clue, lol :)
There is one, but its not working right. Now I've found out another program works well with Dreamweaver and I'm following a tutorial. We shall see if it works.